Chrome Audio EQ

With Chrome Audio EQ you can control your audio and video from all tabs in one place.


Make a use of your favicon with badges, images or videos.

Nepi Jano! Google Chrome extension

Nepi Jano! is a Google Chrome extension that allows to use paid features on, or

Google Auth for Titanium

Google Auth for Titanium is a module for Appcelerator Titanium. It allows to authenticate user with Google OAuth 2.0 and then work with Google Apis.


Digits parsing mobile solution for getting numbers from gas, electricity (...) meters based on Titanium Appcelerator, node.js, tesseract-ocr and imagemagick.

HTML5 Photo finish

HTML5 proof of concept of "Photo finish" web cam. Working on Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It should also work on IE (not tested).

iZettle library for Titanium

iZettle library for Titanium is a javascript module for Appcelerator Titanium. It allows to make card (VISA, Maestro,...) payments directly from your mobile device.

iStitch App

Picture to cross stitch converter. Convert any picture to cross stitch pattern with one click.

Ulam spiral generator

Generating Ulam spiral with HTML5.

Youtube HTML5 Audio Equalizer

Audio EQ for youtube videos (Google Chrome extension).


Repo-bitbucket.js is a jQuery plugin that alows embed public bitbucket repository on your site. Repo-bitbucket.js is influenced by Darcy Clarke's repo.js.